Privacy Policy Overview  

Our Privacy Policy applies to anyone (subscribers or visitors) who submits any information to Traveling In, however it does not apply to the practices of other companies, such as sponsors, advertisers or other companies, that the visitor may link to from our site and/or provide requested information.

Information Collection and Use

Traveling In may use your email address to send our newsletter to you. We may use your zip code for statistical information (for example: 28% polled were from New York or 14% who picked Cape Cod as their favorite place to vacation in the summer were from Boston, MA). You may "opt-out" of our email list anytime.

Information Sharing and Collecting

Traveling In may ask for your name, zip code, mailing and email address, but this information is kept private and secured and is not shared with any other company, organization, group, or individual - including unauthorized personnel at Traveling In We value your trust in providing this personal information.

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Exceptions - by site visitor prompting

If the visitor requests additional information to be sent to them from a hotel, destination bureau, etc., then the contact information must be shared with the appropriate organization in order to have the product or service information sent to the individual via email or mail by the postal service.

If the user submits to a contest and the contest has a sponsor (i.e. credit card, automotive, airline, hotel, destination, spa, etc.), Traveling In may have an agreement to share only the name and address(es) of the individuals who entered the contest.

If any law official from a state or federal bureau that requests or subpoenas Traveling In for an individual's information, we will supply it.

Credit Card Transactions

All credit card transactions are performed on the Verisign® site which is a secured site that has communication portals to the major banking and credit card companies. In order to process your credit card and obtain an approval, they must have your correct card number, name and billing address. Traveling In does not obtain, record, store any credit card numbers anywhere on its site or in it offices.


Currently, we do not use cookies on our site.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Traveling In may amend or change any part of this policy from time to time. If there is a significant change to how we use your personal information, we will post an announcement on our site to the changes that are about to take affect.

Questions or Suggestions

Feel free to suggest or ask us anything about our policy -> Comments & Suggestions

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